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Teacher's Edition! Oliver Poons Young Writers Bundle For the Classroom - Personalized Letter From the Author & Illustrator with Your Choice of Oliver Poons Children's Book

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Spark your students' motivation for creative writing with a personalized classroom letter from a real author and illustrator! Your students will be motivated to let their creativity shine with this personalized Young Writers Bundle from the author and illustrator of the Oliver Poons children’s book series. Suggested for Pre-K to Grade 3. Teacher classroom discount reflected in pricing.

The Oliver Poons Young Writers Bundle Includes:

  • Personalized Inspirational Letter from the Author - A personalized letter crafted on Oliver Poons stationery with your classroom's name signed by the author and illustrator of the Oliver Poons children’s series. Your letter can be customized to include personal details about your classroom and students.
  • Your Choice of Oliver Poons Children's Book - A book of your choice from the Oliver Poons children’s series signed by the author. Choose from:
    • Oliver Poons and the Bright Yellow Hat - In this happy, whimsical children's book story, Oliver wonders how he will be able to keep his hat and turns to his friends, Orange Kitty and Myrtle, for advice.
    • Dreaming in Color - Oliver and Orange Kitty are at it again! Join them as they bring color back into Oliver’s dreamworld in this sweet and funny bedtime story. This is the second book in The Adventures of Oliver Poons series, which can be read and enjoyed in any order.
    • Oliver Poons and the Cats Who Wear Clothes - Oliver Poons and Orange Kitty are off on another adventure! They become sad when the weather suddenly turns gray, but the cats they meet in a nearby barn soon brighten their day. Oliver and Orange Kitty welcome new friends Henry, Toby, Cappy and Porg into the Oliver Poons children's series! This is the third book in the Adventures of Oliver Poons children's series. The books can be enjoyed in any order.
  • Printable book page templates for your students - Download designed templates for your child to create the front cover, character pages, and story pages of their book.
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