Myrtle the turtle is sweet as can be with her pink bow, green-yellow shell, and self-assuredness. She has a subdued, yet strong presence that speaks louder than her words. Wise, sincere, and always stylish, she is happy to share her wisdom with Oliver and his friends.

Oliver Poons

Oliver Poons is a cute little cat who is in love with his hat. He is sensitive to criticism, but his ingenuity always wins the day as he uses his cleverness to solve problems. Oliver’s zest for life and happy-go-lucky demeanor make him a wonderful best friend.

Orange Kitty

Orange Kitty is a take-charge kind of cat! She is direct and even a little bossy at times – although she doesn’t see it that way, of course! She can be a little loud at times in her quest to be helpful. Cute and insightful, Orange Kitty delights in giving advice.

This lovable gang is sure to find their way into your child’s heart!