Oli Kids Co. Learn to Read Games

Fun learn to read games are valuable tools in children’s reading education. They combine education with entertainment, making learning more enjoyable and effective. Furthermore, reading games also foster essential reading skills and a love for reading.

Here are a few key components of our learning-to-read games:

Provides Immediate Feedback

Our games offer immediate feedback, allowing children to correct and learn from mistakes. For this reason, their learning process is accelerated. 

Fosters Word Recognition

Our learn to read games incorporate sight words and phonics exercises, helping children recognize familiar words and phonetic patterns.

Promotes Active Learning

Our educational games require active participation, such as identifying letters, blending sounds, or reading words. This hands-on approach improves word and letter retention.

Reinforces Skills

The reading games we offer create chances for repeated practice, strengthening reading skills and progressively helping children become more skilled readers.

Learn to Read Games

Alphabet Matching Game

Match games require children to remember the location of various cards, encouraging memory retention and recall skills. Moreover, as they play, they improve their cognitive abilities. When kids play match games, they must first analyze the object or letters on the cards to find matches, which demands concentration and focus. For this reason, playing these games help children of all ages practice sustained attention. Further, your child will learn to differentiate between similar-looking letters when they play alphabet match. For example, our game helps them see the difference between ‘b’ and ‘d’.

Oli Kids Co. offers a variety of online games, printables, and print books. Your child will love to learn how to read with their favorite characters from the stories they know and adore.