Learn the Months of the Year

Learn the Months of the Year With Oli Kids Co. Calendar Book for Kids

Kids will usually start to learn the months of the year between three and four. At this age, many kids grasp the concept of months and may recognize some. For example, a child may understand that their birthday comes in May every year. As children grow older, they’ll encounter calendars and time-related concepts more frequently. Therefore, they will further develop their comprehension of months and the sequential order in which they come.

Our Calendar Book for Kids Will Help Your Child Learn the Months of the Year

Our Calendar Book for Kids provides a multi-sensory approach to learning the months. We have created our calendar books to be engaging and recommend the child personalize the pages. For example, they may add decorations corresponding to each month. Interactive calendar books help children learn the months in various ways, including:

childrens calendar book

Visual Representation: Calendar books provide a visual representation of the months. Children will see the names of the months in a clear and organized manner.

Repetition: By interacting with calendar books every day, children are exposed to the names of the months repeatedly, which helps them remember the months. 

Engagement: Children can physically flip through the pages of our calendar book, which offers prompts to have them point to the months and label certain days. Children can use tactile elements such as stickers or drawings throughout the calendar to enhance the learning experience.

Association with Seasons: Oli Kids Co. Calendar Book for Kids includes adorable pictures that associate each month with its corresponding season and special holidays, helping children differentiate between the characteristics of each month.

Along with learning the months of the year, calendar books are a practical and interactive tool to impart essential concepts of time, organization, and planning to children while nurturing valuable life skills.