Oli Kids Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Happy Easter from Oliver Poons & friends!

Easter excitement is in the air! Everywhere you look stores are filled with Easter baskets, treats, and bunnies.

Have you thought about gathering materials for a holiday scavenger hunt? Scavenger hunts for eggs filled with surprises make childhood memories. Oli Kids Co. has created a scavenger hunt using our story book characters that is sure to delight!

Materials Needed:



  • This scavenger hunt can be done individually or as a group.
  • Each child can find an egg in each location or they can work together.
  • Each child can have a prize at the end or they can share the prize.

Creating Your Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Clues are sequentially numbered 1-15 or your desired amount. Print out as many clue strips as you need. Our paid Clue Strips version provides you with 15 clue strips featuring characters from all of our books.
  2. Give the location of the first clue verbally, such as “Look under the sofa to start.”
  3. From there, children follow each sequentially numbered clue in order to find the final scavenger hunt prize.
  4. Our whimsical characters direct your child through the scavenger hunt with clues found in the eggs.
  5. The final clue is where the scavenger hunt prize will be found.

Equally important is adding an educational component to this activity. Especially on holidays, sending cards is a fun way to make friends and family smile, as well as teaching about correspondence. Oli Kids Co. has printable character cards designed with a young child in mind. The simple print and color format is perfect for coloring, personalizing, and beginner writers.

If you are looking for new ideas for your child’s Easter basket a new book with a soft blanket may just be the answer! Oliver and his friends will bring an Easter smile to children birth to age six. Each book can be signed by the author with a personalized message to your child.

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