Homeschool Made Easy: Learning to Read

Homeschool Made Easy: Learning to Read with Oli Kids Co

Oli Kids Co. can help you learn how to teach your child to read. With our homeschooling program, educational games, and learn to read books, your child will have the best start on their reading journey.

If it is time for your child to start learning how to read, Oli Kids Co. has the tools to help them understand:

calendar book for children

Print Awareness

Our whimsical storybooks teach children that written language holds significance. Therefore, they gradually grasp that the various squiggles and lines they see on a page symbolize complete words and sentences. In particular, this realization marks an essential step towards becoming proficient readers.

Phonological Awareness

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This ability revolves around comprehending the sounds, known as phonemes, that constitute spoken words. Then, children develop the capacity to recognize and play with individual sounds, which includes identifying rhymes and alliteration. 

Letter Recognition

Children learn to identify and name the letters of the alphabet.

Letter-Sound Correspondence

Once children recognize letters, they associate each letter with its corresponding sound or phoneme. For instance, they learn that ‘A’ makes the /a/ sound.


Children learn to blend individual letter sounds together to form words. For example, they learn to blend the sounds /h/, /a/, /m/ to read the word “ham.”

Benefits of Homeschooling

  • Customized Learning: Homeschooling presents a unique opportunity for tailored instruction, perfectly attuned to your child’s individual learning style, passions, and speed of learning. The focal point lies in enhancing your child’s academic achievements significantly.
  • Acceleration and Remediation: Through homeschooling, children can advance more rapidly in subjects where they excel, while also receiving ample time and individualized attention in areas where they may require extra support and guidance. This personalized approach empowers them to reach their full potential.
  • One-on-One Attention: In the homeschooling setting, the child benefits from dedicated one-on-one attention, resulting in fewer distractions and heightened focus on the learning material. Undoubtedly, this focused learning environment significantly improves comprehension and retention of information.
  • Safe Environment: Learning at home ensures a supportive space for children to express themselves openly, promoting a positive and nurturing environment that fosters their personal growth and development.
  • More Quality Family Time: Through homeschooling, families can enjoy more quality time together and share enriching experiences. This extended bonding time enhances the parent-child relationship, fostering a supportive and nurturing learning atmosphere that positively influences the child’s educational journey.
  • Flexible Schedule: Homeschool allows parents to tailor the learning hours to match their child’s most productive learning times and seamlessly integrate the family’s daily routines. As a result, homeschooling becomes a harmonious blend of education and lifestyle, optimizing the child’s learning experience.

Oli Kids Co. offers a variety of online games, printables, and print books. Your child will love to learn how to read with their favorite characters from the stories they know and adore.