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Oli Kids Co. Calendar Book for Kids

Our Calendar Book for Kids helps children learn the names of days and months in order, contributing to their overall language development. The visual nature of calendar books is engaging for many children. Furthermore, it provides a concrete way to represent abstract concepts like time and dates, making it easier for them to grasp these ideas. Our Calendar Book is a practical and interactive tool to impart essential concepts of time, organization, and planning to children while nurturing valuable life skills. Here are a few skills your child will learn working with Oli Kids Co. Calendar Book for Kids:


As children engage with their calendar books daily, they reinforce their memory and recall skills by remembering important dates and events without constant parental reminders. Further, learning to use a calendar book fosters a sense of independence as children take control of their schedules. It empowers them to manage their time, activities, and responsibilities independently.


Calendars are visual aids that show patterns and sequences. Your child will observe the repeating pattern of days and months, helping to develop their pattern recognition skills.

calendar book for children


Our book encourages children to work with numbers as they learn to count days, read dates, and understand numerical sequences. Therefore, it is an effective way to reinforce beginner math concepts.


Your child will learn about planning and scheduling. For example, they will mark important events, like birthdays, holidays, or special activities, helping them understand the concept of scheduling.


learning the calendar

Calendars acquaint children with the concepts of past, present, and future. By allowing them to observe when events have occurred in the past and when they are scheduled to happen in the future, calendars aid in their comprehension of time progression.


Children have the opportunity to infuse their personality into calendar books through creative means such as using stickers or drawings that symbolize specific events, fostering their creativity.