Curl up and read with a cozy book and blanket gift set featuring their favorite character, Oliver Poons!

book and blanket gift set

Reading stories to your child helps their development in many ways. From brain development to literacy skills, the benefits of reading to your child are endless. Books help children learn about their world and their culture. Moreover, young children particularly enjoy books with rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, which you will find in every book in the Oliver Poons series.

Curling up and reading to your child strengthens the relationship between you both and helps you bond. Furthermore, this special time promotes calmness and relaxation for both of you to enjoy. Reading to your child before bed with a dim reading light can help you both fall asleep faster. You’ll also both have a more restful night. Pairing a good children’s book with a blanket for your child to snuggle with provides extra benefits. A cozy blanket can help a child of any age feel more secure. As an added comfort, your child will love getting to sleep under a blanket featuring their favorite character from the book just read!

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